Check out these 10 decorating themes


Here we have listed out top ten decorating themes, which you can use later on:

  1. Psychedelic theme: Those people who love to add vibrant colors in their homes then opt for psychedelic theme. Moreover this particular theme is inspired by 70s and you can decorate your house with swirly patterns, lava lamps, funky sofas etc.
  2. Asian theme: An Asian topic is for the individuals who need a relaxing and peaceful mood at house. Its all about simple lines which are complimented by natural elements such as rocks, bamboo, oriental rugs etc.
  1. Country theme: For this look, use floral prints or fresh pastels or you can even choose the rustic cottage design with plaid patterns and washed out greens. Usually this country theme is characterized by dainty rugs, wooden floorboards and along with frilly curtains. You can purchase the wicker baskets or teacups to match the look.
  1. Tropical theme: Beach lovers can replicate this look and feel by having neutral colored walls and place wooden furniture. Ethnic-style wood carvings are some impeccable components for this setting. Your little oasis is set when you have bowl of seashells placed in your living or bedroom.
  2. Contemporary theme: Contemporary theme means sophistication and that is not an exaggerated statement. In addition to that, the main focus in on the space and not much on the physical components. The color black, geometric shapes and smooth lines all portray this style. The general guideline here is “toning it down would be best”.
  1. Western theme: people would prefer this theme if they are outdoor lovers. Textured wall paint, natural wooden furniture, woven rugs, cotton or woolen sofas are components of this style. Antlers, cowboy gears and wrought iron lightings are western theme accessories. You can purchase them online or get from your friends.
  1. Moroccan theme: Sensual and exotic best depict the Moroccan subject. Dark and rich shades, intricate designs and earthy tones are part of this warm and exotic style. Some basic elements are glazed Moroccan pottery, wrought iron ornaments and handmade tiles. You can decorate your house with brass or silver lanterns.
  2. Gothic theme: Gothic theme will be perfect for you if you are inclined towards antiquity. The objective here is to accomplish a dark yet rich ambience. Maroon cushions, with dark wood framing, gold undertones form this theme.
  3. Hollywood theme: If you are movie buff especially like all those golden era movies, then replicate this style in your house. The basic pattern here is the striking white and black contrast. Jazz up your room with beaded lampshades, mirrored furniture and your coach adored with a feather boa.
  4. Safari theme: Those with adventurous personality; a safari theme perfectly suits them. Exotic animal prints, earth tones, woven baskets compliment this style.

Try out all those themes and make an effort to turn your house from drab to Wow!! Before that do a thorough research and purchase those d├ęcor items at flee markets or online.


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