Pros and Cons of different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning is one of the most confusing topics in a home. People often argue how often they should clean their carpet. Some belief once in a year is enough for deep cleaning, but few think twice is a year is good. However, many rely on cleaning carpet at home. However, this may not be adequate for effective cleaning as well. So, does cleaning depend upon the method of cleaning? Well, some of the cleanings have edge over others that is indeed true. But every cleaning method has its pros and cons.

So, here are the pros and cons of carpet cleaning as shared by a company in Brampton.

Dry Cleaning

In this type of cleaning, an absorbent compound is moistened with water and cleaning solvent. This is then spread over the entire carpet. The carpet is rubbed and agitated. There is a special equipment to do that. The compound soaks into the carpet fiber and absorb the soil.

These compounds are then extracted using a vacuum and the carpet is dried.


This is a cheap way of cleaning and the carpet gets dried almost immediately.


The carpet needs to be vacuumed thoroughly else there will sawdust flakes all over the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning

A solution is sprayed over the carpet to break down the soil. A rotatory machine-like bonnet is used to aggravate the carpet fiber. This again soaks the carpet fiber and extract the soil. Sometimes microfiber is also used instead of the bonnet as well.


Very little water is used in this type of cleaning and the carpet gets dried very quickly.


However, the cleaning ability is again limited to Bonnet Cleaning.

Wet Cleaning

Hot water extraction is the most popular wet cleaning. This is widely recommended for carpet cleaning. A pre-vacuuming is performed on the carpet to extract the dry soil particles. Once done, a cleaning solution is spread over the carpet. This solution breaks the oil and grease elements. The wet cleaning process started after that as the carpet is rinsed with the combination of hot pressurized water and a powerful wet vacuum.


This is highly impactful for cleaning for the deep cleaning of the carpet. No useful for cleaning carpets in limousines.


However, the equipment is costly and the cleaning is costly. It also involves longer drying times.

Wet Shampoo Cleaning

This is probably one of the earliest methods of cleaning carpets. The high foam solution is generally spread over the carpet. This foam basically soaks into the fibers and extract the soil and dust. The foam is then extracted with a wet vacuum cleaner.


This method is quite outdated. However, if someone has a wet vacuum cleaner, it can be used at home. However, there is no particular advantage of wet shampooing.


This can leave sticky residues on the carpet. However, the biggest challenge is that the method has limited capability of cleaning. Like other wet cleaning methods, it also takes a long time for drying the carpet.

Carpet cleaning is essential and different methods are followed in order to get the best results. However, as it is said, everything comes with different challenges and advantages.

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