Which limousine to choose?


Limousines have become very frequent these days. There are so many important dates in our lives now and limousine perfectly suits to honor those occasions. There was a time when the limo was the prerogative of the elite class, but not anymore. Hiring a limo for special occasions is usual among common people. The cost-affordability helps this even more. Even though limousine hiring from a rental service is common, but still many get confused to choose the right limousine for the occasion. There different kinds of limousines that are available on the fleet and here is your simple guide to choosing the best one that fits your purpose. See these selections from Vaughan Limo.

Lincoln Navigator Limousine

This is one of the classiest and most desirable limousines in the market. Interestingly, this is also easily available. It is a mixture of class, elegance, and style. However, the most important thing about this limo is the clean and smooth lines. Not so surprisingly, it also has brute power and adaptability. It has a classic interior design with safety measures. Safety has always been the X-Factor for this stretch limousine. The gorgeous style, capacity, and styling make the Lincoln Navigator a real head-turner. It can take up to 12 passengers.

Hummer Limousine

If you are worried about space, then Hummer Limousine is your answer. Hummer Limousine can take up to 24 passengers. This beast can transport a lot of passengers with elegance and style. If you are going out for a drive out of the town, then Hummer is irreplaceable as well. It can have lighted up dance floors for the best party experience as well. if you are looking for a comfortable but equally fascinating journey with many members, then Hummer Limousine is the answer for you.

Cadillac Escalade Limousine

Cadillac Escalade is the newest addition to the model line-up. It can accommodate as many people as a stretched limousine can. However, it has got a huge excessive amount of luxury to it. It can have color LCD TV, bars with aluminum trim as well. The hi-end sound system of this limousine is a special attraction. This is a unique limousine with interesting features.

Chrysler 300 Limousine

Chrysler has been an amazing vehicle with grace and elegance. The stretched Chrysler 300 is even more special with class and aristocracy. Generally, when a vehicle is stretched, it losses the elegance, but not with Chrysler. This has a huge base and that makes it one of the best. There is no compromise on the comfort and the interior design either on this. The comfortable and luxurious interior makes it even more desirable. It has ample size to accommodate 12-14 people as well. One can have the best experience of their lives with Chrysler 300 Limousine. However, it can also be included under the broad category of a stretched limousine.

Choosing the right limousine for the requirement is one of the many criteria for the best limousine experience. Hence, it is important to know and understand the features of the limousines before you actually book one.

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