Awesome working environments


It’s been quite a while since large companies have realized that the key to a successful business are the happy employees. And since the things that make an employee happy have gone well beyond financial gains, companies now do their best to create unique working environments. Since a relaxed employer means an effective and productive employer, there’s no wonder we have offices with slides or game rooms built in. Here’s a list of 5 companies who have gone out of their way to keep the people working for them satisfied.

  1. Selgas Cano

Selgas Cano is a Spanish architecture firm based in Madrid. This company stands out when it comes to unique working places, as it’s more based on creating a relaxed environment rather than a fun one. The offices are situated in a forest, away from the crowded city and are built half underground and the other half above ground. One of the walls is, of course, made entirely out of glass, which makes the use of artificial light completely redundant. I can’t see how anyone would not be productive in this type of environment.

  1. Google

We are especially referring to the Google office in Zurich. It’s become common knowledge that Google has one of the most young and creative teams. And no one could ever say that they don’t value their employees. Yes, this is the one with the slide! Apart from that, the office also has a fireman’s pole as a means of “transportation”. Should we also mention the aquarium, the library or the fact that there are countless kitchens and a cafeteria with free food?

  1. Facebook

The Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California seem to resemble a theme park more than a working place. Taking a leaf out of Google’s book this company has definitely managed to create a completely unique working place. Unique is also the way the ideas for the new offices were pitched. The people at Facebook actually used their own social network to ask their employees what new cool features they wanted from the new office. To sum it up, Facebook employees have places where they can skate, DJ stations, games rooms and big, open spaces where they can work and play.

  1. Youtube

The Youtube headquarters in San Bruno, California seem to be unreal. Apart from the big, open spaces employees can also enjoy riding Segways indoors, gaming and even indoor mini golf. Of course, that’s not all the Youtube headquarters have to offer! There are also countless kitchens packed with food, so nobody ever has to worry about snacks! And if you feel like you ate more than you should have, you can spend some time at the gym (yes, they also have a gym) or even work on those extra calories in the swimming pool.

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