Solar powered Christmas lights for your house


It has become quite old fashioned to use traditional holiday Christmas lights. With advanced technology and discovery of utilizing solar energy has led to the creation of cost effective solar powered Christmas lights. These products are gaining popularity among the people due to its eco-friendliness. Solar powered Christmas lights are fast replacing the Christmas light bulbs. These bulbs are complicated to use, have unsightly extension cords and finally you get an expensive electric bills. Have you been wondering how these solar powered Christmas lights work? They work by transferring the energy from the sun to electricity.

Key factors while deciding quality solar powered Christmas lights

Due to so many benefits of these solar powered Christmas decorations, more people are opting for them. Due to the growing demand, many companies are producing various kinds of solar Christmas lights. They all vary greatly in color, size, construction, design and wattage.

Die größte PV-Dachanlage in der Region Hannover und eine der größten Anlagen in ganz Niedersachsen zum Zeitpunkt der Fertigstellung.

Die größte PV-Dachanlage in der Region Hannover und eine der größten Anlagen in ganz Niedersachsen zum Zeitpunkt der Fertigstellung.

  1. Opt for more LED lights

To enhance the look of the outdoor Christmas decorations, more people go for long strings of interconnected lights. You cannot achieve the desired look, if you select eh lower quality strings. This is just a single strand units with a total of about 90-100 LED lights. Make sure to always find the Solar powered Christmas lights with solar panels that have the capacity to provide energy for up to 300 or more LEDs.

  1. Check for those which are compatible in all climates

During winter season or on cloudy days, some of the lower quality Christmas light does not work. That is because; they do not have another alternative to conserve battery charge. Once the rechargeable batteries are out of power as there are no UV rays to recharge them, the solar lights won’t work at all. Power preservation mechanism is present in the top quality solar powered Christmas lights. Due to which they can conserve energy even on cloudy days.

  1. UV-resistant lights

Some of the inferior quality solar lights are not UV-resistant. With continual exposure to sunlight, especially during warmer climates, the plastic units can crack or burn out completely. Hence it is advisable to always go for UV resistant nylon materials, as they last longer even in direct sunlight.

  1. Brighter is better

Some of the low quality lights become dim within few hours and they it takes longer time to get charged. Before purchasing the solar powered Christmas lights check the customer reviews of various manufacturers. See if other users have commented on brightness of these lights. Apart from the customer reviews, checking the peak wattage of the solar panel and the battery temperature range are a good method to determine the LEDs efficiency.

  1. Select replaceable LED bulbs

Most of the solar powered Christmas lights come with either non replaceable or replaceable bulbs. Of course led lights last much longer when compared to the incandescent bulbs, but it is always better to have the option of replacing the burnt out solar powered LED bulbs. When you opt for replaceable bulbs, and then make sure the internal parts are corrosion resistant.

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