Window Treatments Ideas


The task of home improvement is not an easy one, especially when you don’t know the secrets of it. There is no need to spend a lot of money to re innovate your house. There are some simple rules you can follow to give you home a new look. Window treatment is one of that, it is considered the most clever way of improving the interior of your house. A window treatment task is simple and cost effective, but the result is surprisingly good. So if you are thinking about a window treatment, here are some ideas for you

Contrast Curtains

This is a clever idea for a cost effective window treatment. Contrast is something which is getting popular now a days. Even your other decoration need a touch of contrast for a spectacular interior. You should use the idea of contrast in window treatment also. Use long curtains with contrast to change the look of your interior dramatically. There are some fine contrast available in market for your window curtains. Don’t go for plain designs as they will give your interior a boring look. Go bold and use contrast in your curtains.


Swing Curtains

These kind of curtains are getting quite popular now a days. This method is not very conventional but why go for the usual things. A window treatment is about experimenting with new things. Swing curtains will give your interior a vintage and elegant look. Use these curtains in your master bedroom and see the difference for yourself. Swing curtains are perfect for a colonial themed house.

Panel Screen

Fretwork can also be used in window treatment. The panels instead of curtains will bring an elegant look to your house. There are different types of panel screen available in the market. These screens are easy to use and the decoration cost is also very low. So try panels instead of curtains. You will get lot of sunlight with panel screen and the house will be bright.

Stained Glass

What is more royal than a long wall of stained mirror. The idea may seem a bit costly but the result is surprisingly good. Stained glass will allow you to save a lot of space and it is also very beautiful form of interior decoration. There are different types of stained glass available in the market. You can try stained glass idea for your window treatment. It will increase the appeal of your house.

Hanging Paints

This idea is also very effective for a window treatment. If you are an art lover and you have a collection of wonderful paintings why not hang those in front of your window. Turn your house into an art gallery using those paintings hanging in front of the windows. This window treatment is perfect to give your house an artistic touch. There is not point of storing your favorite paintings in a store room. Instead use those paintings in front of windows and give your house an elegant look.



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