Elegant Front Door Ideas


The entrance of your house is the first thing visitors will notice in your house. So the entrance shouldn’t be something ordinary. There are so many ways to change the look of your entrance by making small changes. Entrance is the way of entering your house and leaving it, so it is a special part of your house. There are many clever door ideas available which you can apply in your house. Those ideas are cost effective and very elegant. Here are some door ideas you can try with your entrance.

Glass Door

You can use many different material for a front glass door. Glass doors are elegant and very stylish. The design of your glass door should be according to your house design. If you have a large yard in front your house, a glass door will be suitable for that house. In most cases glass doors are made with different types of metal and glasses. Glass doors are now the most trendy way to decorate your entrance. Try it and you will see the difference for yourself. If you are planning to decorate your entrance within a budget, glass door might be the right choice forĀ  you.

Wood Doors

Classic wood doors are always the safest choice for a elegant and trendy front entrance. But the old wooden door style has been replaced with modern ones which are more stylish and elegant. There are hundreds of clever wooden front door ideas which you can apply. A modern day wooden door combines many features which makes it even more useful. Glass materials can also be used with wooden doors and they bring a luxurious look to your house.


Using Proportions

Never be afraid of trying new things with your front door, in fact new ideas makes your door look different and classy at the same time. Proportion is something which can be used for front door decoration. You can play with different proportion to see which one suites your entrance decoration. Dry a door within a door but of different proportion.

Vintage look

The front door of your house provides a great opportunity to change the entire look of your house. The front door is a special area which is mostly highlighted in any house. You can try a vintage look with your front door. It will give a vintage flavor to your whole house. Try a vintage looking door in your entrance and see the result. Your house will get an elegant look with a vintage door.


The role of a fine painting is very important for any type of decoration. It is the same for front door decoration also. Be careful with the paint of your front door. The right paint will make your entrance look beautiful, the wrong selection can mess up the whole thing.

Above are some ideas you can apply to decorate your front door. There are other ideas also like installing doors of different heights, using different materials in door decoration etc.


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